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EE 5723: DSP Fundamentals Laboratory

Last Update: Monday, January 24, 2005

Prof. Luis M. Vicente

Department of Electrical Engineering
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

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Lecture Hours 4.30 – 6.30 PM (MW)
Room L-308
Instructor Luis M. Vicente
L 308
Office Hours:
5 – 6 PM, KT
Fax: 787 760 7815
Prerequisite Signal and Systems.
Digital Signal Processing. (Corequisite)
Textbook a) Class Notes

b) C. S. Burrus et al., Computer-Based Exercises for Signal Processing with MATLAB, Prentice-Hall, 1994.

J. H. McClellan, et al., Computer Based Exercises
for Signal Processing Using MATLAB 5
, Prentice
Hall, 1998.

J. H. McClellan, DSP First. A Multimedia Approach. Prentice Hall, 1998.

S. J. Orfanides, Introduction to Signal Processing,
Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-209172-0, 1996.

B. Porat, A Course in Digital Signal Processing,
Prentice Hall, 1995.

D. DeFatta, J. G. Lucas and W. S. Hodgkiss,
Digital Signal Processing. A System Design
, John Wiley & Sons, 1988.

Final Project A suitable project in areas such as digital filter design, audio processing, speech processing or spectral analysis could be selected to complement the laboratory exercises.
Software MATLAB Student Version, Signal Processing Toolbox, (Check availability with our local bookstore)

R. Pratap, Getting Started with MATLAB 5, a Quick Introduction for Scientists and Engineers, Oxford University Press, 1999.

.m files (Matlab 4.2c)

.mfiles (Matlab 5)

Grading 10 Laboratories, 5 reports: 15 pts/each. One project 25 pts. Attendance is required.
Solutions Solutions to homework will be given in class.
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Laboratory Sessions


Laboratory Assignments

Laboratory Topics


Assignment 1:

MATLAB Review, Sequences, Operations with sequences, Linear Convolution, Synthesis of Sinusoidal Signals, The Sound Command, Multiplication of Sinusoids: Beat Notes, Amplitude Modulation.

Assignment 2:

Introduction to the DFT, The DFT of a rectangular window, The effect of zero padding a sequence on its spectral profile, Spectrum replication, The DFT of a signal that is the sum of sinusoids, The DFT of an AM waveform, The frequency axis in terms of the index k, w[rad/samp] and f[Hertzs], Aliasing, A simple low pass filter: the Moving Average Filter, A simple high pass filter: the Moving Difference Filter, Design of echo filters, Audio experiments.

Assignment 3:

Frequency Resolution, Rectangular and Hamming Windows, Leakage, Bias, DTMF tones.

Assignment 4:

White Noise. Peak Filters. Detection of Sinusoidal Signals Buried in Noise.

Filter Design by Pole-Zero Placement.

A MATLAB program that uses this method can be found here (PeZ) or here (PeZ) and here (Spctools), or use MATLAB SPTool, for an article on SPTool click here.


Assignment 5:

FIR and IIR Filter Design using MATLAB.

Final Project:

  • Project: Sound events classification and modeling.


Course Portfolio:

Portfolio Includes: a)- Portfolio Assessment Form. b)- Course Description. c)- Course Syllabus. d)-Laboratory Sessions Table. e)-Laboratory Page followed by f)-Laboratory Report (include all laboratories). g)-MATLAB m-file that demonstrates the different laboratory experiments and projects. h)-Reflective Essay. Pay especial attention to portfolio organization (index, etc).

Project Presentation:

Live MATLAB demonstration of the different laboratory experiments and project. Questions by the instructor.

WARNING: Due dates will be given in class.

Project: Spring Quarter 2003

DTMF Tone Detection


Past Projects

Project: Spring Quarter 2001

Echo Canceling


Project: Fall Quarter 2000

Audio Filter Design for Old, Noisy, Music Records


Project: Spring Quarter 2000

Detection of a Chirp Signal Buried in Noise


MATLAB Tutorials


Luis M Vicente López

Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering Department
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
377 Ponce de Leon Ave.
Hato Rey, PR 00919, U.S.A.

Office: L 308 (DSP Lab)
Phone:787 754 8000

Fax: 787 760 7815


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